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 Western Rhode Island Civic Historical Society » 2015 » March

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Paranormal and Historic Locations

PH paranromal for Blog
Historic locations that might have certain legends and folklore attached to them that fall into the realm of the supernatural have always intrigued both those with a firm belief in its existence and those who simply have a certain level of curiosity about the validity of such claims.
Whether you believe in the paranormal and accept that perhaps there is more to life and beyond than we understand or approach the subject as nothing more than the result of overactive imaginations and embellishment of historical facts, those who legitimately seek the truth must always begin by adhering to a time-honored adage: Nothing happens without a reason.
In terms of exploring any supernatural legend, one must endeavor to understand where its origins lie. Often at the heart of any legend exists a grain of truth. The key is to discern fact from fiction and this is where extensive historic research of a location is paramount. Who built the structure, who lived there, who died there and what if any significant events occurred there that shaped its history are all pertinent questions to ask when exploring any claims of the unexplained.
It seems reasonable to ask; who might still remain there and more importantly…why?
While a great deal of paranormal investigations border on the absurd and are superficial at best, the more academic and objective of those who undertake it understand the value and necessity of digging into archives, public records and literature to shed a beacon of light on the location’s past and by extension, its present and whether its reputation as a “haunted” location has some level of merit or is just the result of some very wishful thinking.
Written by Ken DeCosta
RISEUP Paranormal
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Posted on March 27, 2015 at 1:30 pm
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1st White Night Event at Paine House


We are looking forward to spring, but even better we are going to be celebrating summer at the Paine House Museum!

Celebrate the Lightest Day of the Year with us!  Our first White Night Event!

Wear Something White!

Paine House Museum & Western Rhode Island Civic Historical Society

1st White Night Event!

Sponsored by Main Street Wine & Spirits

Cheese, hor d’ oeuvres


June 20, 5-9
7 Station St.
Coventry, RI

Tickets $30 per person
Deadline June 13
$35 at the door

For tickets call
Or order your tickets online at http://bit.ly/1xkmMkz

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Posted on March 16, 2015 at 9:12 pm
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First Paine House Paranormal Event for 2015


The first Paranormal event for 2015 is scheduled for April 25, 2015.

Join RISEUP Paranormal in this remarkable location for some fun and exploration.

These investigations are perfect for serious investigators and groups, but for the curious public they are also a great way to do something a little “different” this year.

Thanks for everyone’s support of the Paine House over the years and for helping keep the doors open and bringing its spirits from the shadows into the light..  Space is limited, make your reservations early.

Call 401-249-0633 for more information and to secure your reservation, or reserve your space online at


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Posted on March 13, 2015 at 6:17 pm
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