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Lt. Governor Thomas Whipple


One of the most notable people that lived at the Paine House was Lt. Governor Thomas Whipple.  I didn’t get much information on a google search but I did go to one of our historians, Andrew Boisvert.  In my google search I did find this photo.  It looks like it could be what is now known as Cornerstone of Faith United Methodist Church.  If this is correct, the building on the right is where our police station now stands.  Thomas Whipple was a supporter of what was then known as the Methodist Episcopal Church.  He was not a member of any church but donated the land where this church now stands.

Thomas Whipple and Colonel Peleg Wilbur operated a mill under the name of Wilbur and Whipple in the Washington Village and the counting house of the mill acted as the Political headquarters for the town of Coventry.  Thomas Whipple served a few terms as a senator before becoming LT Governor to fellow Coventry resident Henry B. Anthony. In 1832 he served as the messenger from the State of Rhode Island to the US Congress carrying RI Electoral Vote.

Thomas Whipple had children Cromwell Whipple, Isabella Whipple, Sarah Whipple Stone wife of William A. Stone, Abbie A Whipple, Henry Clay Whipple.  Cromwell Whipple married Hannah Matteson and had 2 children Emily Frances Whipple and William Parke Whipple.

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